Rave reviews of the Sitter app

from real (sometimes very funny) families

Parents are talking…

Moms and dads across the country love the Sitter app. And, we love them, to the moon and back. Here is a sampling of some of their testimonials.

  • "I was telling my friend about my babysitter search, and she told me about the most amazing app EVER - Sitter! AWESOME – let date night begin!"

    Dawn B.
    Dawn B. Louisville, CO
  • "Wow! After taking half the day to book a sitter last night for our date. I just booked one for our next date 3 minutes after downloading the app. This is awesome! It’s a killer app."

    Buck W.
    Buck W. Lake Geneva, WI
  • "Easy. Seamless. Communicates for me. Boom. It takes my contacts that are already in my phone and connects them to a system that keeps track of my request. I can also share my sitter list with my friends! I seriously can click a few buttons and the mom megaphone blasts my sitters (whom I choose) and first one who responds wins a chance to be with my littles. Not sure who’s winning though? We all are!!"

    Heidi H.
    Heidi H. Broomfield, CO
  • "Sitter takes the guesswork out of coordinating a babysitter. The app not only helps me connect with the sitters I have, but also makes it easy (and fun) to find new ones. I love that I can use Sitter within a trusted circle of friends – people I know and respect – to expand my list of babysitting contacts. The more babysitters we all know, the better off we are when it comes crunch time to get out of the house. All of this leaves more time for me to focus on myself, my husband and our family – my top priorities every day!"

    KIMMIE G. San Francisco, CA
  • "The Sitter app is genius. When I need a sitter, I enter the job information and the Sitter app does everything else. No more back and forth texts and calls with multiple sitters and no more waiting for a sitter to respond, while I worry about the date getting closer and closer.  What used to hang out on my to-do list for days now takes minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sitter!"

    Janel S.
    Janel S. Seattle, WA
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for making this app – I’ve been dreaming of something like this for a while.”

    KAYE N. Denver, CO

Babysitters talk too…

Not just parents love Sitter, so do the babysitters. And, we love them too.

  • I love Sitter. It has changed the way I work in the best way possible. I didn't seem to have a great system for repeat local families. It was just a lot of texting, calling, emails, and messy scheduling. Your app has changed that! It also makes me much more professional and easy to work with for the parents.

    Ari B.
    Ari B. Nashville, TN
  • I'm happy about the payment functionality. I've had some parents want me to watch their kids for free or less than I normally charge which is really frustrating. Sitter helps me handle that conversation by showing the parents my rate up-front and handling the payment for me. 

    Michelle B.
    Michelle B. Chicago, IL
  • I love Sitter. It gives me reminders so I never forget a job. And, I get connected with more families than I ever thought possible! I started with 3 clients and now have over 30! It's awesome.

    Emily S.
    Emily S. Boulder, CO
  • It’s a really nice app and nice to have. My favorite part of the app is that once you start getting clients there is a sort of snowball effect where I keep accumulating more clients which gives me more babysitting opportunities.

    Annie K.
    Annie K. Boulder, CO

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