5 Things That Drive Your Babysitter Crazy

The most important quality a sitter can have is infinite patience, especially with children. That said, there are a few things that drive them crazy and can put a strain on your relationship with them.

When you don’t mention that you’ve got a sick kid.

As your child’s babysitter, we love the time we get to spend with them. We don’t care that someone’s sick… We just want to know ahead of time. No one likes to be blindsided, especially if they had a night of fun activities planned. Babysitters can get sick too! We appreciate the heads up for the sole reason that we don’t necessarily want to catch whatever your child has, that way we can at least prepare ourselves and our immune systems for what we’re about face.

When you drop extra kids on us with little to no warning.

A lot of time, we are totally fine with keeping an eye on a few extra children. However, the addition of extra children at the last minute means that we are responsible for more kids than we anticipated, which ends up being a lot harder on us. We want your kids to have an awesome time and be able to hang out with their friends, we just want to be prepared for the chaos that typically ensues.

The good news is that with Sitter, you can update your booking at any given time to let your sitter know that there will be more (or even fewer) children than previously anticipated. We send your sitter a notification regarding the change to the booking, and all is well!

Not being paid on time.

Like any other job, we expect to be paid on time. There are few things that are more frustrating than completing a babysitting job and not getting paid. With Sitter, you never have to worry about payment or getting it to your sitter on time. Simply tap the “Pay Sitter” button at the end of a booking and BOOM! Just like that, it’s all taken care of and everyone is happy.

Coming home late without warning.

A huge part of having an awesome relationship with your babysitter is respecting your babysitter’s time. While we don’t mind arranging our plans around watching your children, we do still expect to be on time to our pre-planned engagements. If you’re running late, a text or phone call is highly appreciated on our end. That way, we can pass the message along to those who might be waiting us.

Lack of supplies.

Before you leave for the night, it’s always helpful if you make sure that there are plenty of supplies for the sitter to use.  Always make sure to have extra diapers, snacks, etc. on deck just in case your sitter needs something. If we’re new to your home, the last thing we want to do is start looking around for extra supplies!   

At the end of the day, we understand that sometimes these things happen occasionally. A problem begins to arise when a pattern is established. You don’t want to lose out on an awesome babysitter if you continuously make these mistakes. As babysitters, we want to provide the best care possible for your children, and it is far easier to do that when we have an awesome relationship with you as the parent. Remember, you can always stay connected with your babysitter through the Sitter app. By keeping them updated, they’re happy and much more likely to stick around!