Fill jobs without lifting a finger

Sitter Pro Job Scheduler is like having a team of schedulers on hand to manage your temporary and on-call jobs.

Schedule without chaos

Don’t waste time tracking down caregivers for on-call and temporary jobs. Let the Sitter Pro job scheduler do the work.


Job Monitoring

You can monitor the status of a job request at any time. We’ll also notify you if a job hasn’t been filled in a given amount of time so you can jump in if necessary. If something changes, you can modify, cancel, or reassign it on the back-end.


Automated Scheduling

When a booking is created, it’s sent to the best caregivers for the job depending on availability, qualifications, proximity, quality of the caregiver, and job history with the client.

When a caregiver confirms, the job is booked and the client is notified.


Advanced Scheduling

Need babysitters for weddings and events? Handle corporate backup care? Sitter Pro can do that too.


As hands-on as you want

With Sitter Pro, you can configure your setup to be as involved as you want to be.

  • Want to review all requests first? Configure bookings to go to you first then it’s a one-button push to send to caregivers.
  • Picky client? Specify which caregivers should or shouldn’t get job requests from them.
  • Want to focus on other parts of your business?¬† Just set it and forget it- booking alerts will notify you if something important needs your attention.

Multi-channel scheduling

With the Sitter Pro platform, you can serve your customers however they want to be served – app, web, phone, and email.





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