5 Ways To Create A Magical Holiday!

All aboard the crazy train, once you board there are very few stops between now and New Years!

At Sitter, we recognize that the month between Thanksgiving & The New Year is chaotic enough to leave even the most composed parent a bit unhinged! Funny, not funny, it’s also the time of year that is filled with magic for kids. Unbeknown to them, thanks to all the work of the unhinged parents!

This year at Sitter we have made a pledge to focus on the magical parts of the holidays with our littles. How do you ask? Outsourcing! We will lean on our babysitters more than ever, asking them to help with tasks like dishes, laundry, present wrapping and dinner prep! The plan is to fill up that free time hanging out with our little ones making holiday memories. The only thing stopping us is the possibility of getting lost down the rabbit hole of the internet and never making it out of the house!

If you want to create holiday memories that don’t involve stressed out parents yelling and screaming about how this is supposed to be fun, jump off the crazy train like us! Book your sitter now, and start having fun with your kids!

Looking for inspiration, we took a poll of our community and found the top 5 things our Sitter families want to do with their kids before the holidays are over. Take a look below and let us know on Facebook what holiday activities you and your family are going to do this year!