8 Sign’s You Might Need A Date Night

Hey mamas, if the last time you and your hubby were out on the town alone after 5:30, without kids in tow, was before you had kids, we think it’s time to pull those sexy high heels out of the back of your closet.  You know… the ones collecting dust that you look at wistfully as you reach for your grungy sweatshirt every morning.

Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve had a date night that you wonder if you really need one. You’re tired, can’t you just stay home?

Here are our top 8 signs that you need to book a Sitter STAT and steal your hubby for a night on the town.

  1. Your razor is collecting dust in your shower and the hair on your legs is starting to resemble tiny little dreadlocks.  Don’t get us started on the eyebrows….
  2. You haven’t been to a yoga class in 6 months but wear yoga pants every day.
  3. Most of your conversation involves baby babble, and you are starting to think you are bilingual.
  4. You no longer recognize your husband when he walks in the door. Actually, you’re not even sure where he works or what he does when he leaves through that door every morning. You just know that he probably got to eat lunch without someone sitting on his lap, and when he used the bathroom, no one was crying on the other side of the door.
  5. Mac ‘n cheese and tater tots are a complete meal – protein and vegetables, right?
  6. The only live music you hear is at your Mommy and Me music class on Tuesday mornings.
  7. The last time you left your house after 8 PM was when you remembered that you forgot to take the trash out.
  8. You talk about the latest episode of The Backyardigans like it was the Magic Mike premiere.

Awesome, so now that you know you need a date night, the rest is easy! We’ve got you covered. Book your Sitter and then click HERE for a unique date night idea!