Brilliant Date Night Ideas & Taking Advantage Of Relatives: A Recipe For Holiday Success!

We realized, too many people look at the long holiday weekend the wrong way! It’s easy to get caught up in the: my family is more insane than your family, competitiveness of the holiday season! Humans tend to thrive on complaints, especially when it comes to crazy family and holiday gatherings!

We have an idea, what if this year we all look at things a little differently. What if we gave you a way to return to the office water cooler or mommy playgroup with only stories of the awesome long weekend you had!


What we propose is this: take advantage of your relatives! Look around, it’s not every day,  you are surrounded by FREE babysitting! From the grandparents to crazy Aunt Myrtle, or the teen niece/nephew that adores his/her little cousins! Seriously, the opportunities for free babysitting is endless! It’s so amazing, we will say that again, endless free babysitting! All of a sudden the long holiday weekend is starting to sound like a dream come true!

Now the only dilemma you have is what to do! Guess what, Sitter has got you covered. Click below for our Pinterest board with some brilliant date night ideas!

Are you a single parent, or did your spouse have to stay behind while you travel with the kids to the grandparent’s house?  Not to worry, you can still take advantage of your relatives for some much needed me time! Unsure what to do with your free time, click below for our self-care ideas on Pinterest!

We are not miracle workers, we can’t stop Uncle Henry from talking politics and Great Aunt Murtle from chewing with her mouth open. At least we have given you the tools to sneak out with hubby (or friends), and the antics of the crazy relatives will give you some gut-busting stories to talk about all night!