We don’t provide babysitters. But, we provide you two ways to quickly and easily find babysitters.

Find Babysitters Through Friends


Connect with friends and create a team of sitters that you all use and trust. It’s a model based on word-of-mouth – just like what you do with your friends today only a lot easier and faster!

Think of the possibilities… if you have two babysitters and your friend has two babysitters then you both have four! If you connect with someone else that has three and another who has one, then you’ve just doubled to 8 – instantly! Eight new babysitters you can trust without having to do any reference checks or interviews. How awesome is that?

Learn more about finding babysitters through friends.

Find Babysitters in the Neighborhood

If you’re new to the area or don’t have any friends with babysitters you can find sitters in your neighborhood! View profiles of babysitters in your area looking for families. See one you like? Start an in-app chat to learn more about them before adding them to your list of trusted sitters. Learn more about finding babysitters in your neighborhood.

Learn more about finding babysitters in your neighborhood.