At the end of the job, you will be responsible for finalizing the details of the job and checking out.

  • On the booking screen, review how your payment should be received.   Your caregiver wages will either be charged to the family’s credit card, invoiced, or paid to you in cash from the family.  This can vary by service type, so make sure to review this before checking out.
  • Once you’ve reviewed this information, tap on ‘Checkout’.
  • You can review the start and end times and number of children that the family originally set up.  If any of this information ended up changing, you can select ‘No, I need to make changes’.  Here, you can update the start time, end time, and/or number of children.  This would be for any instances where the family came home early or late, or ended up having more or less children at home than originally planned.
  • If everything looks accurate, you can select ‘Yes, this information is correct’.  You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to checkout.  Please note, once you submit this, the family will be prompted to complete their checkout process and you will not be able to make any edits.  You do not want to check out before the job is complete.
    • As a reminder, if the service is set up to pay you by credit card, the payment process will begin as soon as the parent checks out.  If you signed up for instant payments you will receive it within an hour of when they confirm the information.  If you signed up for standard payments, it will take 2-3 business days.
    • If the service was set up for you to be paid in cash, you will want to make sure you get paid before you leave the house.  The family will receive a total for your wages based on the final time you entered in the checkout screen.