Raise your hand if this conversation has happened in your household:

Your Partner: “Honey! We could use a date night. That awesome ’80s cover band is playing over at that cool, hip dive bar we used to go to all the time!”

You: “Yay! That sounds great! Let’s do it!”

Then: “Ugghhhh.”

Your eyes roll. Your shoulders slump. You let out a big sigh. Reality strikes: You have to get a sitter.

Just like that – all of your excitement, energy, and enthusiasm leaves you as fast as your two-year-old can chase a squirrel.

No more.

With the tap of a button, the Sitter app allows you to schedule your babysitter with as little effort as is required to… well… lift a finger. Now, when someone asks to go out, there are no sighs, huffs, puffs, or dread – just sheer excitement and joy! (The way it’s supposed to be.) Do you want to see? Check out the video.

In case you missed it because it was so fast, we just sent a request to all of our sitters at once, in literally 6 seconds.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how the Sitter app works.

1. Import your babysitters’ cell phone numbers. Don’t worry – we NEVER share their contact information publicly and they don’t need the app for you to use it with them!  When you add them, they’ll get a text message describing what will happen when you need a sitter and it provides them with a link for more information.



2. Select a date and time. Hit “Send Request”. That’s it!


Your babysitters will receive a text message or in-app notification if they downloaded the app. (It’s free so you should encourage them to!) The message says something like this:

“Wanna babysit? Sally needs a babysitter Saturday, April 18 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm MDT for 2 kids at 123 Home Ave, Boulder, CO 80303. Are you in? Text Y or N to accept or decline the job.”

You can check the status of your request at any time by looking at the booking detail page. Tap “Sitters Requested” to see which babysitters have declined and which babysitters haven’t responded yet.


When one of your babysitters accepts, you’ll be notified via text, email, and in-app notification. You can pull up the booking and contact the babysitter directly from the booking detail screen by swiping on their name. The other babysitters who haven’t responded yet will receive a notification that the job has been taken.



You’re all set to go out and enjoy your night! But, you will also want to add a credit card so you can conveniently pay your babysitter at the end. That’s right. You can pay your babysitter with a credit card. No more ATMs. No more fumbling for cash in the driveway. Just sheer bliss when you can tap a button to pay them.


Now get out there and have some fun! Book a babysitter. Don’t have the app? Download it now!