Congratulations! You’ve done a fabulous job raising your child. Another family trusts them enough and considers them responsible enough to watch their children. And, the fact that you are here asking this question, speaks volumes about how much you care for the safety of your child.

Sitter is an app that allows parents to easily book the babysitters they use by sending a single message to all of their sitters at once. The first one to accept, gets the job.

To do this, the parent adds their babysitter’s name and phone number into the app. We DO NOT sell any of this information. This information is NEVER shared publicly. It is only available to the family who entered it and, therefore, already had it.

Think of this as: A parent your son/daughter babysits for entered their information into their phone or email contact list.

Another feature of the app is to enable parents to find more babysitters through their friends and babysitters to find more clients through referrals. To do this, we have modeled the process that normally takes place on the playground – a parent asks a friend if they have any recommendations for babysitters.

In the app, a parent can send an invitation to connect with their closest friends. If that friend approves the connection, it enables the parent to view their sitter list. If the babysitter has not joined Sitter, then only the babysitter’s name is visible to the friend of their client. If the babysitter has joined Sitter, then their name, profile photo, city, state, rates, and “About Me” introduction are visible to the friend of their client.

Think of this as: Friend A is at the playground with Friend B. Friend A asks Friend B if they recommend any babysitters. Friend B tells Friend A, “Yes! Babysitter Y is phenomenal.”

If the parent would like to contact your son or daughter about babysitting for their family, we will send your son or daughter a text message asking them to confirm if they would like to connect with this new family. If your son or daughter accepts, then the new family would be able to contact them through the app. If your son or daughter declines, then the family will not be able to contact them.

That’s it. Again, their information is never available publicly. They can never be contacted by someone with whom they didn’t connect.