Sometimes the holiday season can feel like a super sized episode of Survivor, you really want to make it to the end and win the million dollar prize, but once the challenges ramp up you start to think that giving up might not be all that bad of an idea. Whether its an extended family visit or a low key holiday at home with the family, we know that the holidays can bring out the crazies in even the calmest person. Here are Sitters Sanity Tips for the holidays

  1. Make sure all your BFF’s know your holiday plans AND all important crazy family back stories – so that when you text them every 10 min with an update on the latest antics that your nutty second cousin twice removed did. They know how to respond properly – or they can respond to every message with, “remember it will all be OK, we have a Boozy Breakfast planned”
  2. If your friends are caught up in their own crazy holidays and you know you can’t offer text therapy it is very important to plan ahead. No, we don’t mean plan ahead and make sure all your shopping is done. The most important plan is the one you make with your girlfriends for the post holiday gab fest.
  3. We know this next tip is crazy difficult with the kids home from school and family visiting (or you might be visiting family). If you can get some time to yourself every day it will keep your sanity meter in the green. If your escape is fitness, the coffee shop or an hour on Pintrest, do all you can to stick with that during the holiday season.
  4. Deviate from tradition. Even if your Great Grandma always made a fabulous 10 course holiday dinner with all the trimmings, you are not the Grinch if you order your Holiday Feast from Whole Foods – just make sure to hide the containers in the neighbors trash so no one can uncover the evidence. Leaving you free to take all the credit for a delicious home made meal. If cooking a holiday meal is not the straw the breaks the camels back in your holiday home find out what is and outsource that!

Happy holidays, our wish this season is for you to have a happy healthy and drama free holiday. If that is not in the cards, we don’t blame you if you have a secret countdown to when school starts again!