Sitter App Version 1.10 is live! Now your favorite babysitting app got a whole lot better.

Here’s what’s included:

 ParentsHave you tried paying your sitters through the app? It’s SO easy. And it’s now FREE! That’s right no more trips to the ATM, no more fumbling for your checkbook, no more late-night math, and now NO more service fees! Hooray!

 Parents: We know sometimes things change. So now you can edit a booking! We’ll let your sitters know what changed so you don’t have to. Look for the edit button at the bottom of the booking detail page.

edit a booking with sitter app

 Parents: Forgot to include one of your favorite sitters on a booking? Now you can re-send it to additional sitters after the fact. Did all your sitters decline or did your sitter cancel? Just re-open it and send it to more sitters without having to create an entirely new booking.

reopen a declined or cancelled babysitting booking with sitter app
send a babysitting booking to more babysitters with sitter app

 Sitters: Prefer to get push notifications for new booking requests? Done.

 As always, lots and lots of minor fixes and enhancements.

We love our users. We hope you love us back. If you do, it would be amazing if you could leave us a review in the Apple App store or Google Play store. If you don’t love us, please tell us why at so that we can fix it.

If you don’t have Sitter yet, you can get it here.