A new version of Sitter is now available in the Apple and Google Play stores! The app got a whole new look. So fresh. So clean. Even Mr. Clean would be impressed.

What else is new?

How about more ways to find new sitters (and clients)!

Hey Babysitters Рwe know you have friends who babysit. Now you can add them. And connect with them. And see their clients and invite those families to connect with you so you can pick up more jobs.
Hey Parents – your sitters are adding their friends now. Which means you can connect with them. And get more sitters. It’s a win-win

Oh but wait, there’s more….

Parents and sitters can now easily see each other’s friends so you grow your network even more! More friends = more sitters = you always have a sitter you trust when you need one.

And, just when you thought we were done….
– Enrollment is now super fast and easy. Because you should be going out, not filling out forms
РiOS 9  enhancements
– A plethora, if you will, of minor fixes and enhancements
– Fixed: Sometimes, when creating a booking, and then changing a booking option or two, those changes weren’t being reflected properly. So confusing. Our bad.

So go out there and update your app! If you have any feedback, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.