In today’s world, families can look very different from each other. However, no matter how your family looks to those around you or your 500 closest Facebook friends, at the core, we are all experiencing this crazy ride of parenthood.

At Sitter, we have discovered 6 Universal Truths of Parenting. If you are called “mom” or “dad” by some little darling, chances are you’ve experienced these.

  1. The little bambino who said he didn’t need to use the potty will need to use the bathroom as soon as he hears the buckle of his car seat click. It’s classic Pavlovian conditioning. Of course, you’re running late when this happens because you are a parent and we are pretty sure if you look up the definition of parenting in the dictionary it says “person who is always late.”
  2. Your sweet little nuggets will always want your attention when you are on the phone or in the bathroom, or on the phone in the bathroom.  Tiny hands trying to wave under the bathroom door make it really hard for you to concentrate on updating your Facebook page. We can’t be the only ones who try to use the bathroom to escape and catch up on social media for a few minutes. Why more people’s status location doesn’t say “bathroom” is shocking!
  3. Sexy time will always be ruined by hearing the words “mommy” and you just can’t get your groove on after that.
  4. Siblings must hold secret daily conferences to decide which one of them will really put the pressure on mom and dad that day. The most important part of every agenda is who will wake up and at what time/frequency throughout the night to ensure that mom & dad get as little sleep as possible. How they have time to hold these conferences we don’t know. It must really cut into their busy schedule of coloring on the walls, dropping Cheerios on the floor and refusing to eat healthy food.
  5. At some point you will likely find yourself eating cold Spaghetti-O’s out of the can surrounded by Barbie shoes and/or Legos while silently crying and wondering how you got from the fun-loving coed in hip clothes to the frumpy parent!
  6. You might be just a little bit more in love with your babysitter than your husband. Even if this is the truth, it would be weird and awkward to ask your husband to watch the kids so you could take your babysitter out to celebrate your parent/sitter anniversary.

It’s ok, moms and dads. We understand exactly what you’re going through! Life got a little crazy after you saw those two little blue lines. Enjoy the ride and when you need to get off the crazy train for a few hours, you have us to help you find/book and pay for your Sitter that you love like crazy!