With Sitter, you can include notes with any booking. You can use the field for outlining school pickup instructions, entering the kids schedule for the day (i.e. soccer practice at 3pm), setting a flat rate for a night, letting the sitters know that you’re flexible on the time, etc. It’s another great way to improve communication between you and the babysitter.

Here are a few examples of how parents use the booking notes:

  1. My usual sitter canceled at the last minute due to family emergency, and I have work today from 430 until 7 PM there is no cooking or cleaning involved, we have a large fenced in backyard, and three very well behaved children.
  2. This is to babysit for our bible study group. All parents are in the house so we would handle any diaper changes or potty trips. Pay is $30 and you’re effectively only alone w the kids from 7-8:15
  3. Around this time she’s usually starting to get fussy she’s bottle fed only i always change her diaper make her bottle and she’s off to sleep for a nap so by the time i get back she will most likely be waking up 🙂
  4. Life guarding – watching kids in pool for a few hours. We are having a small get together and would like someone to keep an eye on kids in pool. Most kids will be at least 10 years old and swimmers. Just need to make sure kids are not being reckless etc. Weather permitting.
  5. We’re just going out for dinner and don’t need to make a reservation or anything. We can do 6 or 6:30 depending on what you want to do for food.
  6. Last minute sitter opportunity if anyone can make it!

Those are just a few of the ways that parents around the country are using the Booking Notes!