No! We do not sell or share your babysitter’s information. We never make any information available publicly. This is a private network of you and your babysitters. When you add them as a sitter, it is like adding them to your phone contact list.

However, if you connect with friends, your friends are able to see your sitter list. If your sitter did not join the app, then your friends will only see their name. If your sitter joined the app, then they will see whatever profile information your sitter entered when they registered which may include their name, profile photo, city, state, hourly rates, and “About Me” introductory paragraph. This is akin to a conversation on the playground where your friend asks, “Do you know any good babysitters?” And, you reply, “Yes! Susie is phenomenal.”

If your friend would like to add your sitter to their list, a text message will be sent to your sitter confirming whether they would like to add them as a client. Your friend will NOT have access to their contact information unless the sitter accepts the connection request.

We take issues of privacy and security very seriously. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at