5 Things Your Babysitter Needs to Know

Before you head out for the evening, there are quite a few questions your sitter may (or may not) ask. Occasionally, they’ll forget they even have a question because they are so eager to hangout with your kids! The best thing you can do for your sitter is to have a central location where they can find any and all information they may need. Great news! With Sitter, you can store this information in the app in your profile so your trusted sitters (and only your trusted sitters) always have it at their fingertips, even if they’re at the park.

Your Plan

What’s the plan, Stan?
Your sitter is absolutely going to want to know where you’re going, and what time to expect you back. With Sitter, it is crazy easy to include this information in your booking. You can include where you’ll be along with anywhere your child needs to be (ie. soccer practice) in the booking notes. Knowing this information can be helpful for your sitter, especially if they are new to your family or new to the job.

Bedtime Routines

Is there a bedtime routine that your children are reliant on?

It’s incredibly helpful for your sitter to be aware of any routines that your children are used to and expect to go through while the sitter is there, especially at bedtime. It will help prevent a meltdown and ensure the kids are actually asleep when you get home!

Sitter has this option built right into your family profile. Simply fill out the “Bedtime Routines” section of your profile, and direct your sitter to reference it if they have any question. It’s that easy!

Calming Tactics

Are there other routines that your child is used to? Or, are there other tips you have to calm your child if they get upset after you leave? Things like a favorite stuffy or favorite games that your child likes to play are excellent to tell your babysitter so they’re fully prepared for any situation. In Sitter, you can include them in the “Other Notes” field.

Allergies, Medical Conditions, and Emergency Contacts

Do your children have any allergies or medical conditions that your sitter may encounter?

We cannot stress the importance of this one enough. When the sitter is aware of any allergies or conditions a child has, they can better prevent the occurrence of emergency situations. That said, if an emergency situations does arise, it is equally as important that your sitter has access to any and all emergency contacts, as well as knowledge of where the nearest hospital is. All of this information can be added to your profile in Sitter under “Allergy Information” and “Emergency Contacts.”

Expectations of the Babysitter

What are your expectations of the sitter after your children go to sleep?

For example, if your sitter is also a student, they may have homework they would like to work on. Is that okay with you? You may also provide your wifi password in the event that they need access to that as well. Some sitters may be content to sit down and read or do other quiet activities while the kids sleep as well. Just make it clear what is and is not acceptable with regard to post-bedtime activities so that there are no surprises. You can also enter this information into your profile under the “Other Notes”.

Having this information in a central location makes things go much more smoothly for your sitter, and it can provide peace of mind to you that your children are being well taken care of.

What information do you make sure your sitter has before you leave? Share with us below, or tweet us at @Sitterme!