Babysitting Tips: What to Do When the Kids Are Asleep

Our favorite babysitter, Ari, does it again with this awesome video giving you some ideas of things to do when the kids are fast asleep.

Sometimes as a babysitter, it’s hard to know what’s appropriate and what you can/should do while the kids are asleep. Here are some appropriate things you can do while on the clock:

  1. Clean Up. Make sure the house looks like it did when you got there.
  2. Eat. Sometimes you’re busy with the kids and you don’t get a chance to eat. Now’s the time to have dinner.
  3. Work. Do your homework or do some work for your day job.
  4. Workout. You can do yoga or any other quiet workout while the kids are asleep.
  5. Send an update to the parents. Parents love it and it takes two seconds. Just send a quick text that says something like, “The kids were great today. They’re in bed now. See you soon!”