Well, it’s that time again. The kiddos are headed back to school. It’s bittersweet. By August, most of us parents are really (really) excited for school to start.  At the same time, we’re really (really) sad. Another summer is gone. Your kids are one year older. Life is going by so fast. Our guest blogger, Courtney Carlyle, nails the conundrum in her summer reflections.

One of the annual back to school traditions is the beloved Back to School night. You get to go to school, meet the teacher, see the classroom, sit in those tiny little chairs. It transports you back in time to when you started school. The nerves. The anticipation. The excitement.

But, as parents, for some reason, it’s one of those events that you always forget is kid-free and requires a babysitter. The reminder comes: “Don’t forget Back to School night is tomorrow!” And, you panic because you forgot the babysitter or you have to play Rock Paper Scissors to see which one of you has to stay home.

Not this year.

This year, turn Back to School night into a celebration for you and your school friends! Hit up the Back to School night, do the parent thing and love it, then head to the nearest restaurant or bar for some after school dessert or drinks. Stay out just long enough to make sure that the babysitter has to do bedtime duty – it is a school night after all.


  • Your parent friends from school
  • Bar or restaurant close to school
  • #2 pencils and a notebook (just kidding)


  1. Email your fun parent friends. You know the ones. They’re the ones you laugh with at pickup and drop-off. Avoid the ones that will rope you into more PTA committee work – you don’t need that (queue Debbie Downer.)
  2. The great news is that there is a VERY high likelihood that your friends are free that night since they’ll all be at school so coordinating schedules will not be that difficult. Just make sure to give them a heads up so they can schedule the sitter for longer than usual.
  3. Pick a bar or restaurant close to school – one that has great drinks or great dessert or both depending on your group of friends.
  4. On the night of the event, go enjoy Back to School! Revel in being a great parent who takes a big interest in their child’s education. Have fun soaking in all those smells of pencils and finger paints. Then, head on out and have a little fun with your friends.

Start this back to school tradition and we guarantee you won’t forget to get the babysitter ever again.