So…. You have a babysitter you want to keep all to yourself.

If that sitter is a grandma or grandpa or other family member who only sits for your kids, go ahead and hide them. To do so, go to their sitter profile in My Sitters and tap “Hide sitter from friends”.

If, however, you are worried that if you share their information with your friends that you’ll never be able to get them when you want them, we urge you to think about the consequences of your actions…

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a sitter whose name we keep to ourselves.

However, have you considered why you are so reliant on that one favorite sitter?

It’s probably because, historically, finding a sitter that you love and trust is hard. It takes a lot of time.

But, guess what? That’s what we’ve changed. By allowing people to easily connect with friends and share sitter lists, a family’s reliance on one sitter is diminished because you now have the ability to grow your sitter list so easily.

So here are your choices:

Option 1: Status Quo.You can choose not to connect with friends and therefore keep your sitter all to yourself. This path keeps you on the status quo. You rely heavily on this one sitter. Hopefully that babysitter never gets a real job, or a boyfriend, or goes off to college, or decides they can’t take your kids’ antics anymore.


Option 2: The Path to Boredom and Loneliness. You choose to hide your sitter. You keep your sitter all to yourself but use your friends’ sitters because your favorite sitter isn’t always available and you want to go out more. Well, your friends find out about this sitter that you use but aren’t sharing. They get mad. You call but they don’t pick up. Soon, you start seeing all the fun they’re having on Facebook – fun that you weren’t included in. You’ve been black-balled. It’s not pretty. You’ve lost your friends. You now have to either apologize and tell them that you selfishly didn’t share even though they shared with you, or you live a lonely life of solitude.


Option 3: Rainbows and Unicorns. You connect and share and grow the number of sitters you have in seconds. You go out more often because you dramatically increase your chances of finding a sitter when you need one. You open the door to tons of sitters you never knew who may even be better than that one sitter you currently use. Your friends love you. You love your friends. You receive oodles of good karma and good fortune. Life is rainbows and unicorns. The sun always shines and flowers are always in bloom.

It’s your choice. For us, it’s a simple one – we love unicorns.