How to Choose a Profile Picture

Creating your Sitter profile is extremely important. Keep in mind you are applying on babysitting jobs, therefore, your profile should reflect your best self. Truthfully, you are more likely to gain connections and bookings when other users can see your face and know that there is a real person behind the profile that they’re viewing. Are you ready to choose a profile picture but you’re not sure where to start? Look no further.


  1. You are representing your own business.
    You’ll want to present your best self throughout your entire profile, including your photo. Choose a photo that you’d be comfortable showing to an employer.
  2. If you connect through Facebook, your profile photo comes along with it!
    First of all, we love that you connected your Facebook account to your Sitter account. It’s a great way to easily build your profile. However, keep in mind that your Facebook profile picture also becomes your Sitter profile picture. Each time you change your profile photo on Facebook, your picture will also update in the Sitter app. Keeping that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that your picture is appropriate for work.


  1. You’ll definitely want to avoid photos of you in your swim suit. Think “no shirt, no shoes, no jobs!”
  2. Snapchat filters are a definite no-go. Potential clients want to see your face, not the latest animal filter.
  3. While hilarious, cartoon images should be avoided. Like we said above, potential clients want to see your face!

You’ll find a few examples of a excellent profile photos below!



These same guideline can be applied to family profiles, as well. Sitters want to be able to put a face with a name when they see the app, and it’s even better if your profile photo includes your entire family.

If you’d like to update your Sitter profile photo, simply visit your profile page from the menu and tap on your profile photo. This will give you the option to select a new photo from your camera roll. As always, feel free to contact us at with any questions!