We all have our quirks that we try and keep hidden, of course our kiddos are probably going to inherit them. They will need something to talk about in therapy when they are older! For all of us who knock on wood, make a wish when the clock reads 11:11, avoid black cats, and only pick up pennies that are face up, we can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to our superstitious side! Rather then hiding them, embrace your superstitious quirks in 2016 starting with your first meal of the new year.

Legend says that eating black eyed peas first thing on New Year Day will bring prosperity. With simple delicious recipies like Coconut Black Eyed Pea Soup from Boulder Locavore there is no reason not to enjoy a warm bowl of soup that just might add a little bit of luck to you in the New Year. Click HERE for the complete recipe, and make sure to walk around – not under!- any ladder in your path!

Happy 2016!!!