Food & Nutrition For Babies

“Don’t you hate when your parents say

stop playing with your food.

 For the first two years,

you made me think it was an airplane.”



Although the source of the quote above is unknown, we are confident that every pre-schooler we know is thinking this! As parents, we all get to the stage where our kiddos are a little too old to be playing with their food, and it will drive us crazy! Luckily, on the way to crazy town we pass through some pretty awesome food milestones: baby’s first solids & the adorable cake smash photo on their first birthday!

At Sitter, we know that as a parent all the information available on feeding your baby feels totally overwhelming! Our friends at Positive Health Wellness have put together an infographic to calm those nerves! Check it out below and get ready for lots of cute photos and messy laundry stains!


Although we love this, Starter Guide To Baby Food & Nutrition, remember this is just a guide. Any questions you have around feeding your little one, make sure to call up your pediatrician for a quick confirmation!