Woohoo!! It’s almost winter break. Finals will be over. Group projects will be done. You’re going to pack up, hit the open road, and head…home.

This winter break, don’t be stuck at home with your family all day. You might as well earn some extra cash to take back to school with you. Babysitting is a great job to do over the holidays because there is no lasting commitment like with a retailer or restaurant. And, it’s in high demand during that time – parents are looking for babysitters so they can go to holiday parties, not to mention the kids home over when they need to work.

You can use Sitter at home too! When you’re home, simply add the families you used to babysit for in high school. Easy! If you have other friends home from school, add them in so you can connect to the families they work for too.

When winter break is over and you go back to school, you simply remove the parent from your client list so you aren’t bothered with any of their requests. (Of course, you should let them know that you’re headed back to school so they don’t think you fell off the planet.)

Have an awesome winter break!