Deep Thoughts & Reflections of a Three-Year-Old

One of our favorite things at Sitter is when we hear from users of the app, (parents or sitters) and they invite us into their “world”. Recently, one of the fabulous babysitters shared the deep reflections of a three-year-old in her care. It’s one of the funniest things we have read and wanted to share it with you.


Babysitting is one of those jobs that actually gives you a chance to hear about the world via the mind of a kid. In my case, I’m lucky enough to babysit two brothers; a seven-year-old and a three-year-old. Some afternoons, the seven-year-old has play dates with his friends, and today was one of those afternoons.  I just can’t get enough of listening to this little guy work things out for himself, so I thought I’d jot down some of the highlights.

  • On terminology: “What if the sidewalk was called double thumbs?”
  • On illness: “I have to pee otherwise it makes my throat sore.”
  • On traffic: “AWH MAN! Traffic?! I haaaate traffic. Did you hear that bad word I just said?”
  • On anatomy: “What if your face is actually your hands?”
  • An invitation and retraction:
    • “Want to play with me?”
    • “Never mind, you’re playing the game wrong.”
  • On my inability to follow the rules of his game: “Here, you can watch me build this castle I’m building.”
  • On public transportation:”A bus is infinity big.”
  • On the behavior of his toy soldiers:
    • “Hey man, that’s not cool.”
    • “Oh, he’s not a mean guy at all! He’s just veryyyy aaaangry.”
  • Reaching an agreement with the dog: “Charlie [the dog] don’t explode my house with your feet, okay?”
  • On hanging out with me: “I have enough fun with you.”
  • On private transportation: “Your red car is a rocket ship. Mommy’s black car is a submarine.”
  • On the weather: “Ahhhh! It’s raining meatballs!”
  • On rushing to the car: “Okay! I’ll tip toe even faster.”
  • On his PB Love smoothie: “I TASTE BEE-NANNIES AND ICE”
  • On the median in the road: “Why do they even put flowers in the road? THEY’RE FLOWERS.”
  • On his future career: “I want to be a *growls* Stoooormtrooper. They have cool costumes.”
  • On the existence of RVs:
    • “What if our car had a kitchen in it?”
    • Me: “They make really big cars call RVs that have kitchens and bathrooms in them.”
    • “OOOOOOH MY GOOOOD. I don’t believe that. Really?”

Thank you, Emily, for sharing those gems, and for being a rockstar babysitter! That is one lucky family!