To create a booking, you’ll first need to be associated to a business.  Once you have an agency/business selected, you can either tap the ‘Book’ button on the home screen, use the ‘Book’ button in the middle of their navigation, or if you are viewing the agency’s profile you can book from there.  The first time you book, you will be prompted to accept their Terms and Conditions and provide payment information (if it’s not already on file).

From there, you will select the category of service of you want to book (child care, pet care, home care, companion care, tutoring) and the specific service you need (babysitter, newborn care specialist, etc.).

Then you will complete the booking information.

  • Location If the location is at a hotel or vacation rental, it will prompt you to enter the room number.
  • Start/End Time Select the date and time you need care.
  • Special Considerations These considerations will be used to determine who is qualified for the job.
  • Notes for the Caregiver These will be shared with the caregiver when the request is sent.

Once the information is complete, you will review their request and can see an estimated cost.  After review, you will submit the request to the agency and they will fill your request.  Once the agency has found a caregiver for your job, you will be notified and can view the caregiver’s bio in the app.