From your home screen, tap on the cog icon in the bottom right corner to navigate to your profile.  In the profile section, you can update your contact information, photo, and individual agency profiles.  If you belong to multiple agencies, you will have a unique profile for each agency.

Once you tap into your agency profile, you can update as much or as little of the following information for your family:

  • Caregivers
    • This will show you a list of caregivers you’ve had with the agency through the Sitter Pro app.  You can tap on profiles and mark prior caregivers as ‘favorites
  • Family Details
    • This information will be shared with caregivers assigned to your jobs and includes:
      • Bio
      • House Notes
      • Bedtime Routines
      • Pet Care
      • Allergies
  • Addresses
    • Set your primary and any alternate addresses so you can easily select them during bookings.
  • Emergency Contact information
    • This information will also be shared with caregivers assigned to your jobs so they know who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Payment Method(s)
    • Set your primary and any alternate payment methods if your agency charges payments to credit cards.
  • Preferences
    • Set your preferences for job notifications such as job confirmations and checkout reminders.