Nope!   When you set up your fee structure, your service fees and caregiver wages can be configured however you’d like.  You can also use different structures for different services!  Below are a few examples:

  • Service 1: Babysitting
    • Caregiver wages = $17/hour paid in cash
    • Service fees = $25/day charged to card
  • Service 2: Companion Visit
    • Caregiver wages = $18/hour charged to card
    • Service fees = $4/hour charged to card
  • Service 3: Dog walking
    • Caregiver wages = $12/job paid in cash
    • Service fees = $5/job invoiced

The amount due for both the caregiver wages and the service fee will be calculated by the app and charged based on how you define the payment types.  For example, using Service 1 above, a 4 hour babysitting job would calculate $68 due to the caregiver in cash and $25 due to the business charged to the client’s credit card.  The app will tell the client and caregiver how payment should be made so they are aware if they need to pay or collect payment in cash.