What will I do with all this free time?!

By reducing the amount of time spent on temporary care assignments, you’re able to focus on what you do best- permanent placements and curating the best childcare providers.  Or take a trip to [...]

Will we lose our personal touch?

Not at all!  By adding technology, you’re offering your clients more options so they can choose the channel that works best for them. You’re also freeing up your staff’s time to provide more [...]

How does a client/parent book a sitter?

When a parent needs a sitter, all they need to do is tap “Book a Sitter” on the home page, fill in the details of the booking, and a request will be sent to all of your agencies’ available [...]

Who employs the nannies?

You do! Sitter is designed to be a platform for your agency to thrive. Your agency nannies will always be affiliated with your business.

What happens to our booking fees?

Your experience with Sitter is completely customized. Your booking fees will be easily built into a flat rate seen by your clients. You’ll still receive your booking fees, only now it will be [...]

How do sitters get paid?

At the end of a booking, the parent has a 24 hour period to add tips/reimbursements and then their credit card is automatically charged.  The sitter has the choice between receiving instant [...]