Find families in your neighborhood

Sitter lets you find families in your network and in your neighborhood!

Sitters and parents in a neighborhood can connect and meet each other in a more private way than your standard listing service. Your profile is never public and no one has your contact information unless you accept an invitation to connect which means no spam or unsolicited inquiries in your inbox! It’s all handled through in-app chat until you add the person to your client list.

How do we do it? We restrict the profiles based on an area you define. So, if you set your radius to be 1 mile then you will only see families within 1 mile of you who are looking for sitters within 1 mile of them.


How to Find Families Nearby

  1. In the main menu, tap “Find Families Near Me” or on the Add Family screen, tap “Find Families in my Local Area”.
  2. Next, you’ll enter your address. We won’t know what profiles to show you if we don’t have your address. 🙂 We won’t share it with anyone.
  3. Set your radius. Sitter is used by parents across the country from tiny towns to big cities. You define how big your community is from 1 mile to 50 miles. You can always adjust later. Just keep in mind that smaller radiuses mean fewer families.
  4. Select your qualification badges. What qualifications do you have? Select badges so the family can easily see if you have the qualifications they need. If you don’t know what a badge represents, just tap it!
  5. Enter a brief bio. Tell the family a little about yourself and how awesome you are. For example:

    Hi! I have been babysitting for 7 years. I am currently majoring in Child Psychology at CU. I love kids! I am fine with pickup and dropoffs at schools or sports activities. I love being active with the kids and doing art projects!

  6. That’s it! When you’re done with your bio, you can see the families in your area.

Once You’re In

When your profile is complete, you can see families in your area then you can start lining up the jobs!

  1. Tap a photo to see their profile. If you like a family, introduce yourself! It will start an in-app chat. Go ahead and introduce yourself as you normally would in person. The family will get notified. You can ask questions via chat, get to know them, and even set up a time to meet before you add them to your trusted family list.
  2. If you really like them, add them to your list by inviting them to connect!
  3. The family can accept or decline the request. When they accept, they can start sending you jobs!