Sitter makes booking and paying your babysitters ridiculously easy. If you need new sitters, just connect with friends and grow your private network of parents and sitters you trust.

Step 1: Add your babysitters.

If you haven’t done so already, go to “My Sitters” and add your sitters. They don’t need the app! They get a text from our phone number that tells them you are using Sitter and gives them our website for more info.

Step 2: Book a night out!

Now that you added sitters, book them! No need to wait for them to join or accept the connection. (You already had their contact info so we assume they know you.)

Go to “Book Sitter”, select a date and time, and hit “Send Request”. A text is sent to all of your sitters with the date, time, number of kids, and address you entered when you enrolled. They reply with “Y” or “N”. The first to accept gets the job! The others get a text telling them the job’s been taken.

If you want to send it to a certain sitter or change the number of kids or address, tap “Booking Options” after you select the date and time.

Step 3: Track and pay.

When you’re out having fun, open the app to see the built-in timer. Add your payment method to your profile because at the end of the night you can conveniently pay with a credit card! (No Math + No Cash = Awesome.)

Step 4: Grow your network.

In “My Friends”, add your friends. They get a text telling them you want to connect. Once they accept, view their sitters. If you see one you’d like to add, tap “Invite Sitter”. A text is sent to them giving your name and the name of the parent you have in common. They can accept or decline your request. You can’t see their contact info or book them until they accept.

That’s it! Now get out there and have some fun.