The Sitter app is a great way for teens or college students to manage and start their own babysitters club! Now, you can be the go-to babysitter for the neighborhood! Parents will be so impressed with how organized you are when they learn you are using an app.

Here’s how to set up Sitter for your babysitters club:

  1. Ask your parent’s permission if you’re under 18.
  2. Recruit some responsible friends who love to babysit.
  3. Take the Red Cross babysitting class.
  4. Think of a name for your club.
  5. Set your rate.
  6. Download Sitter.
  7. Create an account for your babysitter’s club.
    • Tap “Join”.
    • Enter your club name.
    • Enter the phone number that you want as the main phone number parents can call if they need to get a hold of someone.
    • Tap “I am a Babysitter”.
  8. Go to your profile by tapping on it in the main menu.
    • Add a profile photo. Have someone in your club create a cool logo or take a group photo of the club members.
    • Add a bio. Talk about how much experience your sitters have, whether you’re able to help with homework, describe what makes your babysitters the best.
    • Enter your rate.
  9. Add all of the clients you and the other club members already babysit for.
  10. Add all of your friends who will be sitters in the club.
  11. Have each babysitter in the club, create their own account and complete their personal profile.

How to manage your babysitter club with Sitter:

  1. If you’ve invited all of the clients you currently have, they will receive a text that says you want them to join Sitter.
  2. When they join, you will be notified.
  3. When they need a sitter, they can do one of two things:
    • They can send a request to you, as the Babysitter Club, and you can send a request to all your babysitters to see if someone is available. (NOTE: This will require setting up an additional Parent account and connecting to the babysitters in your club.)
    • They can connect with the babysitters in your club directly, and send a request to all of the sitters at once. The first to accept, gets the job.
  4. You can expand your list of clients by introducing yourself to your clients’ friends. If they don’t have any, encourage them to refer you to their friends.
  5. At the time of your booking, make sure you’re all set up to get paid through the app! Then, the parent can conveniently pay you with a credit card. The money will get deposited directly into your account.

That’s it! To get even more clients, we recommend posting on Nextdoor. Nextdoor is a site set up for neighborhoods. Here’s a post you can make on your neighborhood’s Nextdoor site:

“Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that we have a babysitters club in the neighborhood!  We are a group of babysitters who love kids! If you’d like to see our profiles and schedule us to babysit, you can connect with us on Sitter. It’s a free app to book and pay your babysitters at Our phone number is: XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thanks! We look forward to sitting for you!”