As a babysitter, Sitter will help you get more business, keep track of all your bookings, and get paid to babysit by combining every aspect into one convenient place – your phone!

Getting Started if You Already Babysit

  1. Invite Families. If you already have some regular babysitting gigs, invite your current families so you can start to manage your jobs and get paid through the app. Just upload their contact information to your list of families and we will send them a message letting them know what we’re all about! We won’t spam them and it’s completely private. If you want more info, check out our What happens when I add a family? post.
  2. Stay on your toes! Families will be sending out notifications to everyone in their sitter list so if you want the job you have to be the first to reply.
  3. Get paid. Set up your payment settings to make that awkward moment at the end of the night easy and fast.  Connect your debit card or bank account using the app. All transactions are secure and confidential.
  4. Personalize your profile. Add a photo, fill out your profile information to make your Sitter experience complete!
  5. Invite Friends. If you have friends who babysit, invite them to the app! Then, you can pool your clients together and start referring jobs to each other.
  6. Find more jobs. Once you’re connected to families and friends, you can start finding more jobs by introducing yourself to the families they know! It’s a safer way to find jobs since you already have a connection in common.

Getting Started if You Need to Find Families

If you are just starting as a babysitter or new to town, you can find families in your network or in your neighborhood!

It’s safer than other alternatives. Unlike other sites out there, your profile is never public.

If you find families in your network then your profile is only shown to families who are connected to friends or families you babysit for.

If you find families in your neighborhood, then it is only shown to families in your area who have complete profiles. You define what that area is from 1 mile to 50 miles. So, if you say you’re looking for families 1 mile from you and there’s a family looking for a babysitter who is 2 miles away, they won’t see your profile.

Also, you can use in-app chat to talk to prospective families so you never have to share your contact info unless you accept a connection request. What does that mean? No spam or random emails from strangers!

Learn more about finding families in your neighborhood.