At Sitter, we know that leaving your baby with a sitter for first time, whether you’re leaving them with Grandma or a trusted babysitter, can be emotional.The key to making it easier is preparedness. You’ve done everything you can to find a great babysitter. Now, it’s time to prepare for leaving baby with the babysitter.


Prepare a list of emergency contacts and write down bedtime routines and any other helpful hints your sitter should know about your baby or your house. Sitter makes this step easy by keeping it handy for you and your babysitter in your private profile. They won’t be scrambling to remember where you left the piece of paper with the contacts. However, if you do go the traditional route, here’s a free emergency contact list template to print out for your babysitter.


Have your babysitter come a half hour before you need to leave. This gives you a chance to set expectations. It allows you to review schedules and routines and gives the sitter and your baby a chance to warm up to each other. Make sure you review:

  • How you can be reached/emergency contacts
  • Bedtime routines
  • Food schedules
  • Appropriate activities (e.g. TV, video games, etc.)
  • Appropriate snacks (e.g. no ice cream or cookies)
  • Appropriate discipline
  • Any tips to calming the child down if they cry
  • Child’s favorite toys, games, or music
  • Whether the babysitter is expected to bring their own meals or not
  • Your expectations around cleaning

And, remember, all of this can also be stored in your family’s private profile on Sitter so they don’t forget.


Keep goodbyes short, smiley, and upbeat. In other words, wait until you’re out the door to shed any tears. It’s perfectly normal to feel a range of emotions when you leave just don’t leave without saying “goodbye”.


Try not to worry when you’re out. Try to enjoy the time. Remember, any separation is harder on you than it is on them. Check-in if you need to but don’t text or call repeatedly once your sitter says everything’s fine. Your baby is in capable hands. You put in the time to find a great babysitter!