To complete your profile, go to your Profile by tapping your name at the top of the main menu.

As a parent, you can complete your profile with information helpful when you’re looking to find a new babysitter as well as critical, private information you share only with the sitters you trust (i.e. sitters who are in your sitter list who babysit for you.) No more worrying about whether they remembered what you told them about the bedtime routine or where you put the sticky note of emergency contacts!

Information Available to Sitters in Your Network

  • Profile Photo
  • First Name and Last Initial
  • # of Children
  • City and State
  • Bio
  • Badges (what you’re looking for in a sitter)
  • Distance between your address and the sitter’s address

Information Available to Sitters Nearby (optional)

If you want to find sitters who you don’t share a connection with, then they will see what sitters in your network see.

Information Available ONLY to Sitters You Trust

The following information is only available to sitters you have a direct connection to who are displayed in your My Sitters area and confirmed the connection. These are sitters you added from your contacts or you invited them to connect and they accepted the connection request.

This private profile is a fantastic way to keep track of all the important information your sitter needs to make sure things run smoothly while you’re out. Setting up your private profile will save you a lot of time getting a new babysitter up to speed, and you won’t have to worry if they’ll remember everything you told them. They’ll always have it at their fingertips – even when they head to the park or other outings.

  • Emergency Contacts (For a complete list of emergency contacts you should list, see our post on Leaving Baby with a Sitter.
  • Allergies
  • Bedtime Routine
  • Other Notes
    • This is a great field to include information such as:
      • TV or media rules (e.g. no tv before 6:00)
      • WiFi network and password
      • Food Policies (including whether the babysitter can help themselves to food in your home)
      • Notes about pets
      • Ways to calm baby down if upset when you’re gone
      • Cleaning expectations