Summer Date Nights from Sweet to Sultry

At Sitter, we know that parenting kicks the spicy side of your marriage to the curb. The long days spent with infants and toddlers extinguish the spark faster than anyone expects. We know the sleepless nights you spend now are not nearly as much fun as the sleepless nights you spent pre-kids! Luckily, the hot sticky nights of summer are a perfect time to find your sexy groove again. From sweet to sultry, we share our favorite summer date nights to spice things up! Embrace the hot sexy nights of summer you deserve it.  Oh, and we have an app so childcare is taken care of! Enjoy!

Sweet & Simple

Walk hand-in-hand through the local farmers market. A simple and sweet way to spend a few hours with the one you love.


Join a kickball league, and once a week you have an obligation for a date night. You should probably sneak in a dinner after as well. Unless you are too busy making out behind the bleachers like a love struck teenager to care much about food.


A picnic for two in a secluded spot. All you need is a blanket, gourmet snacks, and wine. Ok, all you really need is the wine, everything else is just a nice extra!


Nothing is sexier on a hot summer night than a little dip in the lake to cool off, clothing optional…. just be careful that your skinny-dipping escapades don’t get you caught by the police. No one wants to explain to the babysitter that they are late getting home because they were picked up by the police for indecent exposure!

Come to think of it there are enough weeks left of summer to try each of these date nights as well as your standard favorites! We always love to hear what your favorite activities are for a night out sans kids,  so let us know in the comments below!

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