I have a confession to make, in my house we are not very good at thank you cards. The intention is there, the follow through is lacking! I think of ideas to make it easier – a photo of the kiddo with the gift, sent as a text to the gift-giver with a “thank you”. Can it be any easier? Probably not! However, between feeding the kids, doing laundry, getting cheese sticks for the kids, folding laundry, getting juice boxes for the kids, and did I mention getting more food for the kids? The thank you cards get pushed down the to do list until an inappropriate amount of time has passed.

This holiday season, there is one “thank you” we didn’t want to forget – a shout out to Colorado Parent! Not only do you offer an awesome publication with all a parent needs to be a super star mom or dad in Colorado, your feature of Sitter in your December Magazine rocks! Woo hoo! You guys are fabulous. We couldn’t be happier with the write up! Thank you!

If you live in Colorado and have been living under a rock (not under Rocky Flats…just under a rock) and you still haven’t picked up a copy of Colorado Parent yet, make it happen this month! In addition to the awesome article about Sitter, they have a ton of kick-butt articles including 30 Great Gift Ideas For Kids & 4 Places To Volunteer As A Family.

If you don’t live in Colorado but are traveling here for the holidays (or any time), you can get a digital copy of the magazine before you go. Or check out their website for an uber comprehensive list of Colorado Activities for families.