Here is a collection of some of the best ways kids tried to push their parents over the edge this week. Luckily all these parents have Sitter and were able to escape for a few hours and come back ready for round two. You haven’t won yet kids, but you don’t need to keep trying so hard!

  1. “He peed in the plant because he wanted to pretend he was camping.” ~5-year-old Logan from Vail, Colorado
  2. “He drew on the walls with red Sharpie hours before my neat-freak mother-in-law arrived!”  ~3-year-old Alex from Chicago 
  3. “He put Legos down the toilet and flushed. It took the plumber over an hour and cost $80.00 to get the line cleared.” ~2-year-old Ethan from Atlanta, Georgia
  4. “The twins were using their spoon at dinner as a catapult for peas.” ~4-year-old Sara & her twin sister Allison from Englewood, Colorado. 
  5. “She colored on her baby brother with marker before our family pictures.” ~2-year-old Rachel from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 
  6. “He launched the baby in her baby seat so that she flipped upside down.” ~4-year-old Andrew from San Clemente, California
  7. “She cut her sister’s hair with craft scissors.” ~6-year-old Sasha from Berkley, California 
  8. “They painted the antique dining table with red nail polish.” ~3-year-old Sadie & 5-year-old Beth from Kansas City, Kansas
  9. “She put juice in the dog’s bowl, he drank it, and threw up on the rug.” ~4-year-old Alexa from Nashville, Tennessee
  10. “She slept all day and woke up to feed every 45 minutes all night long.” ~4-month-old Clara from Needham, Massachusetts