When you install Sitter on your device, you’ll see contextual dialogs asking you to approve certain permissions that the app requests. Allowing these permissions will ensure you have the best possible experience with Sitter.


You’ll be asked for permission to access your contacts the first time you use a feature in the app that has the ability to utilize contact information, for example when you invite a friend or add a sitter. If you opt in, the app will be able to access the contacts on your phone. We will only be using it to gather the information from the selected contacts in order to add them to your list. Sitter will not share your contacts with anyone else or reach out to any of your contacts on your behalf without your permission.

If you opt out of this permission, you’ll have to manually enter contact information anytime you want to add a friend or a babysitter.

Push Notifications

You’ll be asked for permission to receive push notifications after you register for Sitter. If you opt in, Apple Push Notification Service generates a unique token for your device and passes it to Sitter; this device token is then sent to Sitter’s servers and stored so that Push Notifications can be sent to you. You can read more about how Apple Push Notifications work here.

If you opt out of Push Notifications, you’ll receive updates about your trip by text message. Note that if you initially tapped Don’t Allow, the only way to opt into Push Notifications from Sitter is to update your preferences in your phone’s Settings app.


You’ll be asked for permission to access your photos when you attempt to add an existing photo to your Sitter user profile. If you don’t allow the app access to Photos, you will not be able to add a profile photo. Profile photos are very important in Sitter because they give babysitters and parents an easy way to identify each other and they also build a level of trust. We do not store any photo except the one you select for your profile.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us at privacy@ You can also take a look at our Privacy Policy.