Hooray! Version 1.11.0 is here and it contains a couple of often-requested features so update your version in the app store now!

        • Recurring Bookings: Have a nanny or babysitter that you use on a regular basis? Want to use Sitter to manage the schedule or pay them? No problem. Now you can create recurring bookings.
            • Simple to set up – set up a booking as you normally would but tap Repeat on the Booking Options screen before you send the request.
            • You can edit notes on certain days to include notes about the child’s schedule or alternate pickup information.
            • You can cancel individual bookings once the series is created.


        • Private Family Profiles: Does it take you a half hour to go over everything with a new sitter (bedtime routines, etc.) only to realize that they forgot some key steps (like the potty-training toddler needs a pull-up at night) when you get home? Now you can create a private profile that is only viewable by trusted sitters and write it all down for them. It will save you a ton of time with a new sitter and will give you piece of mind that they heard what you were saying.
            • Use the Allergies field to list any allergies your child needs to know about.
            • Use the Bedtime Routine to tell them exactly what they should do and when to do it.
            • Use the Other Notes field to track anything else – WiFi passwords, notes about pets, rules around TV or snacks.
            • Tap your photo in the main menu to access the profile.


        • Calendar View: Small but mighty. You can now view all of your bookings in a calendar view. Awesome for when you are managing your regular sitter or nanny.
            • Tap the icon in the top left of the My Bookings screen to switch between list and calendar view


        • Fixed Payment Issue: If your sitter was set up to receive payment but didn’t have a rate entered, it had some issues. That’s working now.