Christmas is coming! Peace, love, and jingle bells. Oh… and gifts… and tips…. and bonuses.

There are probably a lot of people on your Christmas list this year. Sometimes the list is overwhelming and it seems to grow every year. But, there’s one person in particular that should be on it – probably above the hair stylist or newspaper delivery person – your babysitter. Your babysitter performs an extremely important job, they take care of your kids in your absence. As such, you should treat them like a part of the family and show your appreciation for what they do.

If you have a regular nanny or sitter, the most common gift or bonus is cash equivalent to one week’s pay.

For your babysitters, gifts vary wildly. From Starbucks gift cards and homemade cookies to $75 cash. We recommend the cash equivalent to one night’s sit, which is usually 4 hours. And, they always love something made by the kids like a card or other craft.

If you want to give them something homemade or a little more creative, check out our Pinterest board for some ideas for what to make your babysitter for Christmas.