Recently, Will and Kate (if your guilty pleasure does not include gossip magazines, we’re referring to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) disclosed that they have date night twice a week to keep things steamy. Awesome! But, they also live in a palace and wear crowns so lets just say their life and ours are marginally different.

So, what is there for us little people to do when we want to light the spark and keep things steamy on these cold winter nights?

Here are Sitter’s top 3 romantic December date night ideas. (Yes, only three. We didn’t want to offer so many fun ideas that you had to make a choice!)

We know it’s really, really hard to be romantic. Those yoga pants and Law & Order reruns are so tempting, especially in the winter, but we have good news! You can be romantic AND wear comfy clothes with your hair in a ponytail with these date night ideas.

  1. Take a hike or a drive to a romantic vantage point. Bring some hot cocoa or soup and a blanket. Try not to burn your tongue on the cocoa or soup (it makes it harder to kiss) and be sure to wear the proper footwear for conditions. You don’t want to kill the mood by huffing it through a foot of powder in your Toms.
  2. Ice skate outside under the stars. Ok. This one is ripped from the many holiday romantic comedies where the boy sweeps the girl off her feet. But, it is totally romantic. When your Olympic dreams come crashing down as you trip over the toe pick and belly flop onto the ice, make sure to reach for your significant other in desperation to stop your fall.
  3. Take a sleigh or carriage ride. The reality is that sleigh and carriage rides are bumpy, the horse poops, and it’s so unexpected that you might worry your significant other had to break some awful news. But, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, and sleigh and carriage rides are the epitome of romance in winter. Now, you might have to be a little bit dressier for this one but since horses are involved, we feel that you can still be casual and get away with it.

There you have it – three ways to get out on the town with the one you love, be romantic, and not venture too far from your yoga pants. No more date night at the movie theater. We just expanded your world.