Streamlined process takes minutes, not days to confirm “date night”

Boulder, Colo. – June 17, 2015 – Boulder, Colorado-based Sitter is a technology company on a mission to radically simplify the way parents book, pay and find their trusted babysitters and today, the company’s mission is a reality. The free, downloadable application is now available on iTunes and at with easy-to-use tools for parents to coordinate with all the babysitters they know and love. The app allows them to quickly book their sitters and offers babysitting payment options, removing the need for parents to make last minute trips to the ATM or hunt for their checkbook.

Sitter was co-founded by Kristen Stiles, an active mom of two young boys who used her personal background in business consulting and technology to find an easier way to manage her babysitting needs. “We thought about every single part of the babysitting process we loathed – and then set out to create Sitter,” said Stiles. “Essentially, Sitter is for us. It’s for our friends. It’s for all the parents who love spending time with their kids, but need precious adult time too.”

A 2012 childcare survey conducted by the American Red Cross found that:

  • 55% of parents stay home because they cannot find a babysitter
  • 69% of parents say good babysitters are difficult to find
  • 81% of parents find babysitters through recommendations

Sitter is simple and secure. Once parents add their babysitters to the Sitter app, getting out more often is easy with just a few simple taps of the finger. Parents use the app to reach out to their babysitters simultaneously, streamlining communications, and also encouraging timely replies. At the end of the night, the app manages payment as well, eliminating late-night math and the need for cash and checks.

Once you download the app, here’s how it works:

1. Send one request to all sitters 
With Sitter, parents simply add babysitters they already know and love to their network – sitters don’t even need to have the app to use Sitter. Then, when it’s time for a night out, parents select the date and time and tap ‘send.’

2. Sitters receive a request
Once parents send a request, babysitters receive a text message, as well as an in-app notification. All they have to do is respond ‘Y’ or ’N’ to accept or decline the job. The first sitter to respond gets the job. Parents are notified that a babysitter is booked and can check the status of a request in the app at any time. What used to take days of back and forth correspondence, may now take less than a minute.

3. Pay sitters from the app
Through the app, parents can track the time a sitter has been working and calculate how much is owed based on the rate in the sitter’s profile. Then parents can pay them, add a tip, and even reimburse for pizza, all through Sitter. Sitter’s payment feature requires a small fee, equal to 10% of the total babysitting cost, which is typically the same as a standard ATM fee.

What makes Sitter unique? Not only can parents seamlessly book and pay their own trusted sitters, they can now expand their pool of babysitters by connecting with trusted friends through the app. No more combing through pages of potential options like a match making service. Oftentimes, knowing a close friend has already worked with a particular babysitter offers just the right peace of mind for a parent to use that sitter for their own family.

“Sitter is automating conversations that have been going on for years between parents at the playground or in the grocery store, making it easier for moms and dads alike to find a sitter when it comes time to head out without the kids,” continued Stiles.

Sitter is available to download via the iTunes store or the website at More information about Sitter is also available on Twitter and Facebook.

About Sitter

Sitter is a Boulder, Colorado-based technology company on a mission to radically simplify the way parents book, pay and find trusted babysitters. Through its free, mobile application, Sitter simplifies the process of scheduling, paying and finding sitters so busy parents can find time to get out more. Learn more about Sitter at

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