9 Ironclad Reasons Why Raising Kids Is More Terrifying Than A Stephen King Novel

Parents! If you are looking for something horrifying to get you into the Halloween spirit this fall, skip the haunted house and zombie paint ball. Truth is, the parenting life you are living everyday is far more terrifying then anything else out there. At Sitter we know that a truly award winning horror show could easily be made from a video of the following nine parenting truths on loop.
  1. Glitter – It’s cute until you look around and realize your dining room is covered in “unicorn dust” that will be stuck in the cracks of the floor for years.
  2. That funky smell coming from their backpack. We are all familiar with the remnants of the healthy lunch lovingly packed out of fear. Fear of being judged by the teacher… we make sure there is the the correct ratio of protein to vegetables and obviously nothing that contains sugar! As a result the lunch comes home untouched and smelling like moldy cabbage. 
  3. Hearing the mom voice that we spent our teen years hating and realizing that it just came out of our own mouth! 
  4. The moment we realize the our sweet smelling baby will move away from home in 18 years. Then a few years later, when we look at our screaming, head banging toddler with the knowledge that he/she has a 40% chance of moving back home after college graduation for an undetermined amount of time!
  5. Pinterest perfect moms – give it up ladies we know you will crack someday and then you will want the rest of us slightly less perfect moms to be there for you. 
  6. Parent-teacher conferences or that phone call from the principal. We have all had one… or live in fear of the day our child acts the way they do at home, at school. 
  7. Leaving the house with a newborn and a toddler, quickly followed by the fear of never leaving the house again. 
  8. Legos, on the floor. We know, this one is obvious! Nothing, seriously, nothing is scarier then trying to make it across the living room floor in the dark knowing that at any moment a rogue lego could bring down the strongest among us.
  9. Clowns, no explanation needed, they are just creepy. 
We know our list is inconclusive! You can help us grow our list by leaving your terrifying parenting scenarios in the comments below. We are pretty confident that some big Hollywood producer will stumble across this list and make a pilot horror film just for parents. Let’s be real… we will be too busy trying to get unicorn vomit out of the cracks in the floor to watch the movie they produce, but we know it will be terrifying
Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash