How do I pay my caregiver?

Each business in the Sitter Pro network sets their own payment structure.  They can choose to have their services set up to be paid in cash or credit card.  In most cases, their service fees will [...]

How do I get/respond to jobs?

When a family needs a caregiver, they will send a booking request to your business.  The request will be sent out to the available and qualified caregivers and the first to accept, gets the job!  [...]

When do I get paid?

Services can be set up to pay your caregiver wages in one of three ways.  The booking details will tell you how your job will be paid. If the service is set up to be paid by credit card/direct [...]

How are bookings assigned to caregivers?

Sitter Pro uses a proprietary algorithm to match the best caregivers to a job.  It takes into account: Qualifications needed for the job Caregiver preferences (i.e. are they willing to work in a [...]