Me Time Inspiration: Football and Brews

The leaves have changed. It’s getting cold. And, men are running around the gridiron. If you’re a football fan, you are probably in hog heaven. Football season is in full swing. Do you smell the pigskin?

This football season, get off the couch moms and dads. Grab some friends, hit a bar, grab some brews, and watch the game amongst your fellow fans. Think about it… no kids screaming in the background, standing in front of the TV, or changing the channel to Dora. You can swear all you want when the ref makes a bad call. You can slap some high fives or drown away your sorrows (drink responsibly and take Uber if it’s a really bad game).


  • Football-loving friends
  • A bar playing your game
  • Lyft on your phone


  1. Check your team’s schedule to pick the best game (or make it a weekly thing because why just be a fair-weather fan?)
  2. Invite your crew and get it on your schedule. Don’t forget – as parents you have to contend with birthday parties, soccer games, and the like on weekends so make sure you have set aside the time and made arrangements.
  3. Find a local bar that is playing your game and supporting your team. DON’T end up at a bar supporting the opposing team. What a downer. If you haven’t been to the bar before, call them and find out what kind of fanbase they normally have.
  4. Put your jersey on. Paint your face. Put on your wig. Be a raging fan.
  5. Grab a beer. Order up some nachos, jalapeño poppers, wings, or whatever bar food you crave.
  6. Scream, shout, curse, jump up and down, wave your hands around like a crazy person. We’re sure your team can hear you from the bar. They’re winning because of you. And, if they’re losing, you’re not cheering hard enough.
  7. At the end, if you’ve had a few beers, play it safe and grab a Lyft.

Enjoy the game! Get crazy. HAVE FUN!