National Nanny Recognition Week 2022

September 18-24, 2022

National Nanny Recognition Week is coming up in less than a week and celebrates all of the hard work nannies are doing day in and day out.  Some may even say, a week isn’t long enough to celebrate all that nannies do!  Have you started planning for how your agency can celebrate your team of nannies this year?  If not, have no fear- here are a few ideas to get you started:

Create an awards process for your nannies

  • Ask families to nominate their favorite nannies with stories about why they deserve to win – and families can even include fun photos if they have them.  From these nominations, your team can select a winner.  And for all of the submissions, make sure to share the wonderful stories and photos with the nannies- everyone ends up winning!
  • Ask nannies to nominate their peers for different awards.  This can include both serious and fun categories to allow more recognition across the team.
  • Create awards for all of the nannies on your team.  Again, this can range from serious to fun to funny- just make it personal for each nanny.  They’ll appreciate the time you took to personalize something for them. 
  • Awards can even be shared on social media (with family and nanny permission) to celebrate with your entire agency community

Thank your nannies on your social media

  • Shine a spotlight on your nannies with Instagram posts, get everyone together to learn a TikTok dance, or give your team a chance to take-over you account.  Interacting with them through social media is a great way to keep the team engaged and further promote your agency’s quality candidates.  Now that’s a real win-win!

Send your nannies appreciation gifts

  • This can range from a thank you card,Starbucks gift cards, or even a care package.  Whatever your budget might be, the thought and personalization will always be the most important piece and most appreciated by your nannies.

Host a team event to celebrate

  • This week is a great excuse to get the whole team together and celebrate them!  Spend time catching up with everyone, sharing the awards you created, and celebrating the past year of hard work.

Encourage your families to get involved

  • Make sure clients know about this week and ask them to share their appreciation the next time they see their nanny.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this week and ways you can participate, check out the NNRW site.

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