Why do you require parents to have a profile to see local sitters?

For one, it helps make sure that you’re only contacted by sitters that meet your basic needs – otherwise, it wastes your time.

But it’s also for safety and trust reasons. Some other services don’t require parents to have a profile to see a sitter’s profile. Some are even searchable in Google results. At Sitter, privacy is our number one concern for both parents and sitters. 

As parents, we worry a lot about the sitter we bring into our home to watch our children. After all, it’s someone we don’t know, coming into our house and watching our children. However, babysitters have the same concerns. They are often young women, being contacted by someone they don’t know and may not even see a photo of, going over to a stranger’s home, not really knowing what’s on the other side of the door. At Sitter, we don’t think it’s right that parents can view babysitters’ profiles without having to fill out a profile of their own. When the babysitter gets contacted by a parent, we believe they should have some basic information about the family as well.

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