Ok. Now, we know you love your significant others and friends, but sometimes you just want to be lazy and anti-social.

Oh man, we get that.

You just want to throw on your sweats, flop on the couch, turn on the TV, and binge watch B-movies or True Detective in the middle of the day. The problem is that if you’re at home, there’s no way that you are able to really do that. It goes a little something like this:

You put the kids down for a nap/quiet time, sit in front of the TV, and put on Mean Girls.  About 10 minutes into the movie, the kids come out…

Them: “Is quiet time over? It’s been like an hour.”

[Movie paused on Rachel McAdams’ evil smile]

You: “No. It’s been 10 minutes. Get back in there.”

Them: “Oh, what are you watching? You’re not supposed to be watching TV. It’s not 6:00 and your room isn’t clean.”

You: grrrrrrrrr……. “Just get back in your room.”

We don’t need to play it out any further, you know how that story ends… you never get to see the Burn Book come out and the Junior girls go crazy.

You need some time for yourself. You know what’s so great about being by yourself? You get to do whatever you want. You get to eat whatever food you want. It’s all about you and it’s not even your birthday. Since you can’t binge watch teen flicks at home, get out! Take yourself to the movies and watch whatever you want… without judgement or interruption! Here’s what you’ll need


  • You and only you
  • Access to Fandango
  • Candy


  • Check out Fandango and pick a movie that you’re dying to see. If there isn’t one that intrigues you, just close your eyes and pick a random movie for fun! You may be surprised.
  • Buy your tickets online so you don’t have to sweat it when you get there. If there’s a theater where you can actually pick your seats, go to that theater so you know you’ll get your favorite spot.
  • Book your sitter.
  • Save yourself a buck and pick up some candy at a store on your way. Go ahead – splurge and get your two favorite kinds! You won’t even need to share! You can work off the calories chasing your kids later. This is your time.
  • Head to the theater. Kick back, relax, and enjoy. Ahhhh… Isn’t that nice?