Tech We Love: Little Hoots

I used to simply write down the funny or endearing things my kids said. Whether I used the pre-installed Notes app on my phone or took out a pen and a piece of paper, but something about that just felt so impersonal. Inevitably, I would completely forget about or lose the little quote I had just jotted down, and then be so frustrated because there was no way I’d remember exactly how it was said. I almost found myself wishing that there was a video camera constantly running to keep track of all the sweet things my littles ones would say, but if that were the case, then everyone would be exposed to the not-so-sweet parts of life, too. It seemed there was no in-between; I could write it down and run the risk of losing that memory forever, or resort to constantly recording, which definitely isn’t a feasible option for a busy mom— until now.

Easy to Create, Save, and Find

Little Hoots came into my life and revolutionized the way I record my children’s hilarious, sweet, and sometimes sassy things my children say. Little Hoots has a Creation Engine that creates and styles a cute image to go along with the quote or story I want to share. The best part? It does it all instantly. All I have to do is type in the memory, and boom! Little Hoots does all the creative part for me. No need for a degree in digital design! Not only that, but the app also keeps all of memories all in one place. I will never have to dig through my phone to find that one little quip ever again. Could it be any easier?

Safely Share Memories with Loved Ones

Little Hoots is perfect for sharing moments with your children with family and friends. Within the app, you can build your flock. Personally, I like to sort my circle into two categories: Family and Friends. My memories are only shared with people that I’ve specifically invited to join my flock. My images and quotes are never available to the public, unless, of course, I give the app permission to share my images on the HootStream. I could not be happier with the privacy afforded to me by the app! Grandma and “Auntie” Leslie (my college roommate) love keeping up with my kiddos on Little Hoots.

Speaking of grandma, for Christmas last year, I used the design portion of the app to create a book of memories for her. I searched through their awesome design packs, and had the toughest time choosing just one! Now, she has a book full of hilarious memories that she shares with grandpa, her friends, and pretty much anyone who will listen.

Download the Little Hoots app today to completely revolutionize the way you record and share your memories with you children. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.